Genesee River Float

Genesee River Float

Annual Genesee River Float set to Launch June 3rd

One of the main natural assets that is part of Allegany County is the mighty Genesee River. It has served us well through time as a way of transportation, for the moving of goods and products, and as a source of nutrition with its abundance of fish. But did you know there is also another aspect it is becoming well-known for? It has become increasingly popular for its use by those who love the kayaking adventure that it provides.

The Genesee River has a rich history, as well as plentiful wildlife that lays claim to it as their home. It is a multi-skill-level waterway experience for kayaking. There are parts that are smooth and lacking in rocks or fallen trees, and there are also groups of small rapids and rocks bigger than cars in certain areas. With the adding of any current weather conditions, including high winds, and you can be in for using all of your expert kayaking skills along the way.

The river float sees about fifty or more participants each year, and there’s always the unexpected surprises you’ll have along the way. Perhaps you’ll see one of the area’s American Bald Eagles along your journey, they do nest in the area. On a clear day you will also be able to see fish swimming in the water. There’s always a good variety of waterfowl and other wildlife such as deer as well. 

If you are in no hurry to finish the float, just sit back and relax, perhaps let your mind wander of what it must have been like when Mary Jemison and the native Indians use to travel the same exact river that you are now travelling. How were they dressed? What would they have been carrying in their canoes? Would they have had similar items as those you have now on the river?

While the date has been set, the rest of the details will be forthcoming on May 18th after the next Genesee River Wilds board meeting, the hosts of this annual event. So, check back here then for the pertinent information on the River Float.

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