Andover 4th of July 2018

Fourth of July in Andover

"Andover's 4th of July is the best place to celebrate our country's birthday. Patriotism, pride, and the honoring of our military there is a family tradition that makes us all proud to be a part of each year!"

Andover New York is on the verge of re-fabricating many of its old historic buildings and finding new tenants to fill them. The quaint little village is very proud of what they have there, and the people of the community come together in keeping the town beautiful and vibrant. In 2017 the Allegany County Historical Society and Allegany County Museum building grand opening took place. It now houses the county's most treasured artifacts and an extensive historical data collection. It serves as a community gathering place for special events too.


In the summer, when Independence Day comes around, Andover is the place where everyone across Allegany County goes. The little town's population expands into the thousands during the festivities. It all begins with the fantastic parade on Main Street. If ever there was a parade that will remind you of what the holiday is all about it's this parade, in this town-hands down. You will not find another parade with as much American pride shown with the many marching units and float entries you will witness as they march down by. You will feel the emotions instilled in the faces of the many veterans who will march or ride with pride in the parade. You will see the many fire departments, and organizations in line expressing their patriotism for the holiday as well. You will also witness the showing of our patriotic red, white, and blue colors among the fashions in the crowd and the hundreds of American Flags being waived everywhere. In Andover, on the 4th of July, Patriotism is observed on a grand scale.


The added excitement, the part that gets the entire street literally shaking, is the end of the parade when hundreds of motorcycles make the ride down through. There must not be a single motorcycle to found anywhere else in the whole of western New York at this time!


When the parade is over there is plenty to do on the grounds of Andover Central School where many vendors are set up offering everything from delicious food items to novelty items. Live music plays out on the stage throughout the afternoon and evening.

 People line the fields in their lawn chairs, sitting on blankets or bath towels, staking claim for the best spot to watch the day's end with a great display of fireworks. Cars will line the roadways and nearly every parking area will be full. You will want to arrive early for the best spot for both watching and for parking-for a quick exit out of town when it comes to that last bang. Wait time can take a good hour or more to get out of town if you don't do some planning ahead.

It is a family day of celebrating our Independence Day, a day to enjoy all of those things we have come to love about being free in America. Spend a day in Andover on the 4th of July with those you love, a day you will not soon forget!

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