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Angelica Civil War Reenactment Weekend:

One hundred & fifty years ago, men from Allegany County & the surrounding area gathered at what is now known as the “Parade Grounds” in Letchworth State Park. In 1862, it was known as “Camp Williams” & served as the     mustering point for over 1,000 of these men, who became the 136th New York Volunteer Infantry. They marched forth from that camp to the places we’ve all read about in history texts... places with names like Chancellorsville, Gettysburg, Siege of Atlanta & Sherman’s March to the Sea.
This weekend, members of the modern day group who recreate those men and women of the Civil War gather in historic Angelica, NY to teach today’s young people about that era. The Western Gate District of the Allegheny    Highlands Boy Scout Council will hold its Civil War Camp-o-ree at the Allegany County Fairgrounds.
Reenactors from across the region make camp right on Main Street where they’ll eat, sleep & breathe Civil War-era life. Dressed in period attire, they’ll battle blue against grey complete with cannons & muskets. Capping off the weekend, the scouts will observe several skirmish reenactments, & then   participate in a mock battle of their own, using imitation muskets & gaining valuable insights into Civil War life

 Stay tuned to see where we'll be next!

Live in Allegany County

Our Live Camera Project starts here with our LIVE feed from around Allegany County. This is a brand new project for us, so if the video feed isn’t showing much, we apologize. If the video feed is working – YEAH!!  Contact Us and let us know what you think and how we can improve it. We will be adding resources and additional information about Allegany County to this Live Camera Project page. Also, take a look at our Recreation Map and our Things to Do pages for places to see the in Allegany County.