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About Us - Allegany County History


Allegany County's history is a colorful one, to say the least. From our Native American heritage; to Seneca Oil Spring, the site of the first oil discovery on the North American continent; to the rich agricultural legacies, including the grange, the dairymen's league and cheese factories; to the claim that we are the actual birthplace of the Republican Party. If you are in search of history, you'll find there's a great deal of it to be discovered here in Allegany County.

"Allegany County in the 20th Century: Stories of Change"
Published in 2006 as part of our Sesquicentennial Celebration, 
this delightful book chronicles the second hundred years of Allegany County.

To purchase your copy, please send an email to Craig Braack,
County Historian at

Two significant earlier histories of our county are:

  •  A History of Allegany Countyby F. W. Beers, published in 1879
  •  “Allegany and Its People by John Stearns Minard, published in 1895

Town Histories

For a brief description of Allegany Town origins, please click on the names in the list below. If you have any questions, please feel free to email Craig Braack, County Historian at

Alfred - formed on March 11th, 1808

Allen - formed on January 31st, 1823

Alma - formed on November 23rd, 1854

Amity - formed on February 22nd, 1830

Almond - formed on March 16th, 1821

Andover - formed on January 21st, 1824

Angelica - formed February 25th, 1805

Belfast - formed on March 24th, 1824

Birdsall - formed on May 4th, 1829

Bolivar - formed on February 15th, 1825

Burns - formed on March 17th, 1826

Grove - formed on March 8th, 1828

Caneadea - formed on March 11th, 1808

Centerville - formed on January 15th, 1819

Clarksville - formed on May 11th, 1833

Cuba - formed on February 4th, 1822

Friendship - formed on March 24th, 1815

Genesee - formed on April 16th, 1830

Granger - formed March 6th, 1839

Hume - formed on March 20th, 1822

Independence - formed on March 16th, 1821

New Hudson - formed on April 10th, 1825

Rushford - formed on March 8th, 1816

Scio - formed January 23rd, 1823

Ward - formed on November 26th, 1856

Wellsville - formed on November 22nd, 1855

West Almond - formed on April 15th, 1833

Willing - formed on November 19th, 1851

Wirt - formed on April 12th, 1838