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Black -Eyed Susan Acoustic Cafe - Angelica, NY (map)
 Michael Lorow performs original, understated arrangements of the very best in popular music on guitar and vocals. From the Great American songbook to guitar swing tunes, you’ll surely recognize this repertoire and start humming along. Dinner begins at 4:30 p.m.. Please call 585-466-3399 for information or to make reservations. 

Swain Ski Resort, Swain, New York (map)


Black -Eyed Susan Acoustic Cafe - Angelica, NY (map)
**Sunday Mar 8       5:00 p.m.   Special Concert Event. Reservations required.           Ehud Ettun is an Israeli bassist, composer and bandleader. For his 2015 “Snow Tour” (NY, Boston, Toronto, Berlin, Krakow, Rome, Angelica (!!) ) he brings together a  together a classic jazz trio with a fascinating sound. International artists and ‘citizens ...

Bob & Gena Decker            Folk, Blues, Pop, Americana Bob and Gena Decker will showcase the diverse repertoire and fine harmonies that make them such sought-after musicians. From their first meeting, this multi-talented couple has been singing together… first in musical theater in Wellsville and since (as husband and wife) as part of a constantly evolving band known as “Sound Foundation”. As a duo, they have de...

Cuba VFW, Cuba, NY (map)

Sponsored by the American Red Cross, call 585-593-1531 for tickets

Andover Central School, Andover, NY (map)

Antiques, crafts, cow chip bingo, pancake breakfast.  Sponsored by the Andover Lions Club

Andover Central School, Andover, NY (map)

Riverwalk Plaza, Wellsville, NY (map)


Welcome to Allegany!

Allegany County Boasts Spectacular Scenery and Abundant Wildlife

Allegany County is mostly rural countryside interspersed with charming and unique villages and hamlets set amidst a stunning landscape of rolling hills, deep valleys, and picturesque streams all connected to the historic Genesee River. Dense state and county forest lands and open fields beckon those who wish to experience the outdoors which showcases our spectacular scenery and abundant wildlife.

Allegany County Offers A Wide Variety of Exciting Activities

Nestled in the foothills of the Allegheny Mountains, Allegany County offers a wide variety of activities appealing to all visitors. We have a relaxed, unhurried way of life with a full menu of seasonal activities including hunting and fishing, fairs, holiday celebrations, outdoor sports, and special interest events such as a Trout Derby, an Artisans Tour, a Hot Air Balloon Rally, Heritage Days, and a Garlic  Festival to name a few. Accommodations for visitors include a wide range of choices including motels, bed and breakfasts, campgrounds, and rental cabins.

Large and small game hunting, fishing, hiking, back-packing, skiing, birding, photography, canoeing and swimming can all be enjoyed in the wonderful outdoors of Allegany County. For others, we have a full range of cultural activities, shopping, dining and sightseeing. Enjoy the special ambiance of small towns and the welcoming spirit of friendly people.

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